“Selamat Datang” or Welcome to Malaysia

For over 600 years, Malaysia has welcomed visitors from around the world, thanks to its location at the centre of the major trading routes between Asia, the Middle East and the West. Along with the visitors, Malaysia has also welcomed their different customs and cultures, making its population a microcosm of Asian cultures with a rich multicultural mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous tribes. This has created a melting pot of customs, cuisines, languages, lifestyles and cultures. It is easy to see why English is widely spoken here and why most Malaysians are multilingual. Malaysia’s bustling economy is at the heart of the world’s largest economic growth region.

The nation is a key player within ASEAN and the South East Asia region, which has a population of over 600 million. Along with the neighboring giants of India and China, the Asia region constitutes over 45% of the world’s population. Under the government’s Economic Transformation Programme, with the goal for Malaysia to achieve developed nation status by 2020, the country has become a role model for the developing world with a growing diversity of industry sectors. Substantial investments have been made in infrastructure, research, education and urban development over the last decade, which have helped create a vibrant and dynamic economy.

Malaysia’s multicultural society makes it one of the most tolerant and accepting societies in the world. Because of this, its people respect di fferences while celebrating similarities which helps unify the nation. This diversity is evident in many facets of the society. As a result, Malaysians are peace-loving by nature and are renowned for their hospitality towards visitors from around the world. Because of these attributes, Malaysia is increasingly being chosen as the first host destination within Asia for international convention organizers.

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